How Dogs Ride

How DOGS Ride! I am an avid Dog Adventurer and because of the activities I do with my Dogs I have had to find many ways for us to ride together (sometimes long distances) to safely and comfortably access the places we adventure, as well as the equipment we need to adventure with.

I published this website as I have devoted much time to developing the best ways for my Dogs to ride with me and the family. I have been adventuring and including my Dogs in my everyday activities for more than 20 years from puppy Dog to senior Dog and through many climates and terrains that I have prepared and developed many comfort and safety factors for almost all stages of life and situations we may encounter.

Because I am obviously a Dog Lover, I also enjoy proudly displaying this love though my vehicles from vanity license plates to hood ornaments and more as you’ll see here also! In addition you’ll find my section on classic cars (and sometimes trucks) exploring and touring these vehicles as well with my Dogs!

Please enjoy and hopefully get some ideas as well as I would love to hear your experiences and see any custom creations you may have put together. Please checkout and post to my Blog on My WooFDriverProject Website.

I hope this How Dogs Ride website will become the source for all who have Dogs to find the best ways possible to roam with them everywhere safely, comfortably, with fun, and oh so lovingly!

By the way I am Bill “WooFDriver” Helman. I have been fortunate enough to share much of my life and time with Dogs enjoying all kinds of incredible adventures and experiences. I have documented these times throughout a plethora of websites and media related outlets. Please Click Here for a Directory to my Websites. Please Click Here for a Directory to my Media Sections.

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