VW Bus – The Transporter (1974)

VW Main

In 1974, Volkswagen made two models of their bus – the Westphalia, which was a passenger A Twilight Cruise 400PXmodel that doubled as a camper, complete with a pop-up top…and the Transporter, pictured here.

The Transporter could carry 9 passengers and this particular model had the added luxury of Porsche rims on the tires – also called fuchs wheels. The Transporter was also called a “Vanagon”,

a “mini bus”, a “mini van” or even a “hippie van”, since it was popular during the counter-culture times.

In its day, the bus was so popular that its purchase price compared to that of a Cadillac.

Many car collectors who didn’t buy the Westphalia model originally have since converted the Transporter to a camper. They are highly collectible today.

This 1974 VW Transporter that we took these photos with has been lowered and has the Porsche rims and a very “Cool” roof rack. It runs on a 2 liter motor with a double barrel 40.

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